We’re a diverse team of engineers and designers, with extensive expertise that spans global industries.


INVASIVECODE was founded in 2008, when Steve Jobs initially introduced the iOS Software Development Kit.

Now, we’ve been based in California and committed exclusively to providing spectacular solutions for Apple’s technologies, for over seven years.

Being immersed in the iOS platform’s expansion and transformation, gives us an exceptionally comprehensive understanding of the Apple development process, and we passionately share this understanding, with premier businesses and prominent developers, through thorough consulting and the longest standing iOS development course in the world.


Geppy Parziale is the INVASIVECODE’s founder and CEO. He has more than 16 years of experience in software and hardware design, development and deployment of large-scale projects. During the last 14 years, he has been involved in a wide number of R&D projects related to embedded computer vision, pattern recognition, and biometrics authentication. He has several scientific publications and patents.

Geppy is proficient in Apple-related technologies such as Cocoa Touch and Cocoa. He worked at Apple as a senior iOS and OS X engineer on future emerging technologies for the Frameworks department.

Eva Diaz-Santana co-founded INVASIVECODE in 2008. She is a geodesic and cartographic engineer with large experience in digital image processing, remote sensing, geographical information systems and location-based services. She has also worked in biometric authentication and fingerprint recognition in projects for the NIJ and FBI. She has a long experience in software design and development and has been focusing on Apple’s technologies.

Eva worked at Apple as Cocoa Software Architect and UX Designer. She is fluent in Objective-C, Swift and Cocoa and has a very good knowledge of the Apple IDE.


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