Handwritten Signature Framework

SignaKit is a high-level iOS framework that helps you create handwritten signatures and add them to PDF documents. 

It is fine tuned for the Apple Pencil and saves you hours of development. SignaKit reads PDF documents and collects biometric features for online signature verification.

iOS 9.x

1 license per application


Easy Integration

Multiple Signatures

SignaKit groups together many complex functionalities. However, its integration in your app requires just minutes. With only a class and a protocol, you can import SignaKit to your source code with a minimum ammount of code.

SignaKit can handle multiple handwritten signatures per document. In this way, more than one user can sign the same PDF file. This feature is very useful when a contract or an agreement requires the signatures of multiple parties.

Original Document

Original Signature Verification*

You provide SignaKit with the PDF document to be signed. This original document will not be modified by SignaKit. Instead, the framework returns a new document containing the new signatures.

Add a higher security level to your business with biometric signature verification. SignaKit provides a verification engine to perform one-to-one matching using top-notch pattern recognition algorithms.

* This is an add-on feature provided only upon request.

Learn more about SignaKit

Select your document, sign it and send it in just few seconds.

SignaKit comes with smart handles that allow you to resize, move, rotate and stretch any signature and quickly adjust it to fit forms, boxes and any element on the page.

Custom Integration

SignaKit is Invasivecode’s complete, easy-to-use framework that allows you to add handwritten signatures to PDF documents in your iOS app.

We built SignaKit with the idea of providing a ready-to-implement solution for your app. However, if you need a custom feature, we will be happy to work with you.

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