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Many baseball injuries result from overthrowing and poor training protocol at a young age. Dr. James Andrews—professional baseball’s premier orthopedic surgeon—knows that following a regimented training program and allowing for proper rest can lead to a lifetime of injury free throwing. Throw Like a Pro allows young baseball players to easily follow Dr. James Andrews’ specific baseball training protocol.

Pitch Counter and Rest Calculator

Track the number of pitches that are thrown during a game, a practice, and throughout the season. Create specific guidelines, with regard to the numbers of pitches and appropriate rest, based on a player's age.

Throwing Progression

Tailored progressions allow players to build strength and flexibility over time, so that they can combat fatigue and maintain top form.

Pre-season Preparation

Properly prepare for the upcoming season, with customized stretches, exercises, and throwing progressions.

In-season Recommendations

Maintain your arm throughout the season, with an effective throwing warm up, particular exercises, and a specific stretching protocol.

Throw Like a Pro

Demonstrated Stretches

Professional Recommendations

Vivid videos, with Dr. Kevin Wilk, demonstrate exact customized stretches that have proven effectiveness, while also pointing out common mistakes.

Professional performance enhancement and injury prevention recommendations from Dr. Andrews, Dr. Wilk, and the American Sports Medicine Institute.

Demonstrated Exercises

Injury Overiview

Exact effective exercises are demonstrated through Dr. Kevin Wilk's comprehensive videos.

Understand the exact factors that contribute to baseball overthrowing injuries.

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