Apps are a Big Deal | WWDC 2015

Apple is built on strong aesthetic values, values that cherish simplicity and beauty above all else. But this year, Apple’s WWDC Keynote was far from simple. It was highly produced, full of jokes and famous musicians, so after two-and-a-half-hours, as Eddy Cue took us on a musical trip back to his high school days, many developers began to ask, Why? Isn’t WWDC about development?

Yes, the amount of fun that everyone was having during the Keynote was astounding, but the truth is, for Apple developers, this high production is a sign of amazing times. For this level of production shows that Apple developers are now at the center of a global gaze. Mobile apps now grasp the hearts of virtually everyone.

In 2015, the WWDC Keynote has become something way bigger than even Steve Jobs could’ve predicted. This year\'s WWDC keynote was more than an introduction to a developer conference. It was a major, worldwide media event. And, though this growth might make you sad and a little nostalgic for a past when things were oh so different, this incredible hype is very significant for iOS developers, for it shows the astounding implications of our creations. But, as we push forward and continue to transform the world with mobile apps, maintaining a balance between rapid growth and aesthetic value is vital.

In 2008, our app, Milano Metro, was one of the first 500 apps in the App Store. And, seeing the amazing power of the native iOS SDK, we immediately began teaching developers how to create native iOS apps through our worldwide iOS training. Since then, we’ve trained thousands of developers and built hundreds of successful native apps. We’ve been inside the mobile revolution, and believe us, we’ve heard a lot of app ideas. But even our close relationship with Apple and apps, couldn’t have prepared us for the present, a present when 98% of all Fortune 500 companies have an iOS App, a present when apps are universally significant across all industries and cultures, when iOS developers share the stage with rock stars.

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So, here we are at a critical point in history, a point where our apps are profoundly impactful and the use of apps is expanding exponentially. And, acknowledging and embracing this power is essential. But, while embracing the significance of apps, we must also maintain our core aesthetics of unrelenting innovation and powerful simplicity and profound beauty. For with great power, comes great responsibility.

Andrew Gaylord

Andrew Gaylord believes that clarity is beauty’s essence. By simplifying innovative mobile technology, Andrew seeks to enhance experiences and solve difficult problems. After graduating from Harvard University with a BA in Social Anthropology, Andrew found adventure in far away places as a mountain and river guide. Now, while completing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at University of San Francisco, Andrew has become an expert on the subtle power of language.



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