Apple selected Milano Metro for marketing purpose

Very nice news. Yesterday, Apple contacted us to ask for a demo copy of Milano Metro and for the permission to use it worldwide for marketing purposes, because of its innovation. We already submitted the information and data that were requested as urgent. Let’s see what happen now. We are very excited about this.

Milano Metro is an iPhone app developed by Geppy Parziale and Eva Diaz-Santana in 5 days. The purpose of the app is an easy use of the subway in Milano, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and, very soon, New York City.

Most of the time you travel to a city for business or tourism and you do not know how to reach a destination with a subway. You usually choose to take a taxi or spend some time in an touristic office. Milano Metro and the other metro apps developed by iNVASIVECODE allow you to find the closest subway station to your current location, but, more important, it allows you to find the closest stations to your destination.

Suppose you are visiting Milano and you are currently at the Central Train Station. You decide to visit the Cathedral (Duomo di Milano). The easiest way to reach this place would be to take a taxi, but this is also the more expensive way. Milano has a very nice subway network and it is cheap and quick. So, how can you reach the Cathedral by subway and where is the closest subway station to the Central Train Station where you are currently located? Just fire-up Milano Metro on your iPhone and press the “Localize Closest Stations” button. The app replies with a list of stations ordered from the closest to the farthest (there is an indication on how many meters each station is located respect to your current position). Select one of the stations and the app will ask you on what to do next. Since you want to visit the Cathedral and you do not know how to reach it, just press the “Closest Stations to Destination” button. Type in Cathedral or Dome (if you are using the Italian or Spanish version of the app you can type in the place name using your language). The app will ask you if what was found is correct. If correct, you will get the list of the closest stations to the Cathedral. Choose one and Milano Metro will calculate quickly your travel path. You can also save the path for future use.

Milano Metro and the other metro apps developed by iNVASIVECODE use an innovative and efficient routing algorithm inspired to the algorithms used in microelectronic design to place millions of transistors in an efficient way in a multi-layer silicon surface. Moreover, the exact position of each subway station has been manually remapped, because the information provided by the Internet was not enough accurate for our purposes.

So, for a quick, easy, secure and funny way to travel in Milano, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and New York City, use the Metro Apps developed by iNVASIVECODE.




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