Invited talk at Iniciador in Barcelona on Jan the 19th

On January the 19th, I will give a talk on my last business experience (iNVASIVECODE) during Iniciador Barcelona.

The main topic will be the iPhone with its market, its novel business models and how to use it as a branding tool. I will also cover some financial aspects related to the AppStore (something you have to keep into account when selling in different Countries) and the legal and cultural aspects of a world-wide market.

Iniciador is a community of entrepreneurs, organizing activities for entrepreneurs to share knowledge and experiences. The main activity is represented by periodical meetings in different Spanish towns (Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Valencia, and others). During each meeting, there is a presentation provided by an invited speaker (usually an entrepreneur having a specific experience) and a networking session, during which people can meet, find new business, promote a new product, and so on.

Come to Iniciador Barcelona next Jan the 19 at 18:30. It will be hold [here]( You will meet interesting people, share your experience and have fun.



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